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Message from Our High School Director

As Makko Billians, we envision will be named as one of the high-class learning centers for education, skill and character development in Ethiopia. In order to achieve this vision as Secondary School we planned to implement the following activities in the academic year 2016 E.C/2023/2024 G.C.

We have beautiful school compound to support better learning which creates conducive leaning environment that provides the students with clean classes and well-organized learning system with attractive and comfortable play ground where students can develop their skill and widen their knowledge.

We have teachers who are well experienced, ethical and role model for their students. In addition, as they are role model they have strong capacity in positively influencing students' character, attitude and personality. Furthermore, teachers in Makko Billi secondary school have commendable qualities which could be the means to cultivate the students’ talents and abilities those can serve better for our country.

Makko Billi Secondary School will be available to important students’ educational materials such as computers with full internet connection supported by online simulation, well-equipped laboratories and library that is conducive to deepen their knowledge and further improve their character, attitude and cognitive skills.

Additionally, Makko Billi Secondary School offers students with opportunities to enrich their educational experience and nurture their talents through going to field trips and invite different professionals to share their experiences.

We are ready to access quality education that helps our students to prepare them for better future.