For Makko Billi School, quality education means high academic achievement of its students. The following few points are the focal points of the school to ensure quality education.

ü  Restrict the number of students-classroom size to less than 35.

ü  Create clean, attractive, secured and conducive school compound.

ü  Provide high quality teaching – learning materials and equipment.

ü  Allow major stakeholders to participate in the school management.

ü  Employ TTI teachers for KGS

ü  Employ TTC (diploma) and first degree teachers for grades 1-6.

ü  Provide continues on job training for its academic and supportive staff to ensure customer satisfaction and proper child care.

ü  Introduce extra curricula activities and learning environment for its students such as (music, art, drawing, sport, computer operation).

ü  Introduce computer aided teaching mechanism and software.

ü  Establish overseas and domestic partnership with reputed schools.

ü  Maximize community participation and community services