The school arranges a continuous professional development program and on job training for the teachers to upgrade and up-to-date themselves with new outlooks, approaches and to go with the ever-growing information. In order to improve the quality of education emphasis will be given to improve not only the academic qualifications, but also the methodological approaches and ethical values of the teaching staff.

In the globalized world information communication technology is vital. With this reality information communication technology is introduced in the education system to strengthen the quality. To ensure this, the school uses Dynamic Web Application software for its day to day business operations. Parents and students can log in to our website and obtain online services such as registration, obtaining grade scores, commenting on administration and a teacher, observe student profile etc.

The laboratory practices will be complemented by using ICT to teach practical subjects. This approach is indispensable to improve the quality education and to present abstract concepts in a simplified manner. Currently the school owns more than 150 teaching soft wares designed mainly for KG students as well as language and science classes for grade levels.

All the school teaching and office rooms are connected by network which facilitates the day-to-day teaching learning process in efficient, transparent and best ways.

Our school develops up-to-date curriculum materials that would improve the problem solving capacity of the students and to make them more productive member of the society

On top of this, evaluation study is conducted on the relevance and quality of the curriculum materials and the effectiveness of the cycles as a whole.

The school will annually assess the resources and professional development opportunities for both programs and staff to meet the quality standard.

Establish close relationship between the school and parents. Parents shall have the access to the school operation and management both through the parents’ committee and personally through online web application or visit the school management in person.

The school curricula offered are mainly based on the standard primary education curricula outlined by the Ministry of Education and Oromia Region, Education Bureau. However, additional inputs are adopted to ensure QUALITY education.

Establish strong management staff for both administrative and academic performance. To ensure this the owner manager of the school (Ato Paulos Gemechu) is the General Manager of the company PAULOS GEMECHU INSTITUTE PLC and also the Principal of the School. This will increase the confidence of the owners, parents, students, the management and bankers.